Planted in 2000
Area: 20 ha.
Number of plants: 62000
Spacing: 2,20 x 1,40 m.
Load on vine: 18 buds
Average yield: 40-45 hl.


Tibaneli vineyard lies in the environs of Tibaani, a village in the Alazani Valley surrounded by the Gare Kakheti Uplands, the Tsiv-Gombori and the Greater Caucasus mountain ranges which protect it from adverse winds and abrupt weather changes.

The climate in Tibaani and its environments is moderately humid with hot summers and mild winters.

The area is characterized by a high solar activity. The average duration of sunshine exceeds 2150 hours a year, coming to about 1600 hours during the vegetation period. The average yearly temperature is 12, 9C, while the sum of active temperatures totals 4180. It is very important that the seasonal changes of temperature occur gradually without abrupt jolts.

The sum total of the yearly precipitation in the region is 610mm, while during the vegetation period it comes to 445mm.

The duration of sunshine, radiation data, temperature intensity, rate of humidity of the territory and other natural features of the area create perfect conditions for the production of high quality dry and medium-sweet wines.