Tibaneli - Georgian Wine
Both Georgia and the Georgian vine have been through great trials and tribulations. Over the centuries hordes of invaders ruthlessly destroyed the valuable culture and many aboriginal vine varieties have been lost. Only 200 indigenous varieties survive today out of the 500 old Georgian vine species. Many names of the unique old wines are only to be found in chronicles. Nevertheless, even today Georgia stands out for the number of the cultivated vine varieties.

All through its existence Georgia has lost its independence several times. The last time the country was swallowed by the Bolshevik empire. Then the iron curtain fell, and everything Georgian was lost to the rest of the world, including Georgian wine, the favorite drink of the soviet leaders and common mortals.

Today Georgia is free again and Georgian wine boasting several millennia of tradition is establishing itself in the world market.

"Tibaneli" makes its modest contribution in this business.
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