Company "Tibaneli"

Georgia, Kakheti, the village of Tibaani, the year 2000 That is the beginning of our history. What we have today is 20 hectares of Saperavi vineyard and a high quality red wine on the world market.

Every year in early April, grapevines awaken in Tibaani; the Alazani valley at the foot of the Gombori range comes to life again protected from the frosty north by the giant Caucasus Mountains.

Blossom People nurture the new crops with warm affection and hard work. The hot sun and the bountiful soil fill the grapes with flesh and energy, and in early September, the bubbling juice flows into the cool wine cellar where in the course of time it gradually calms down, grows to be more and more alluring and ends up labeled as Tibaneli.

Thank you for your interest in our wine. We hope you will find a lot of enjoyment in your life with this wine or without it.