2009 October

Anuga in Cologne


2009 September

"Tibaneli" in Holland

Since September 2009 Tibaneli wines have also been available for consumers in Holland. Our reliable partner in the Netherlands is AndereWijn, a company specializing in the wines of central and south-east Europe. The first wine tastings have been successful, Saperavi winning the greatest approval. This raises our hopes that, after Germany, Tibaneli wines will also be quickly and successfully established in the Dutch market.

2009 May

Presentation in KaDeWe



2009 April

Presentation in the Galeria Kaufhof



2009 March

"Prowein" Dusseldorf




2009 January

Gruene Woche (Green Week) Berlin

From January 16 to January 25, 2009 Tibaneli took part in Grüne Woche Berlin, the annual international fair for agriculture, food industry and gardening in Berlin, Germany. The event was extremely important for the further development of our business in Germany. The interest our wines aroused at the fair was a pleasant surprise for us. About 1500 visitors tasted the Tibaneli wines during the exhibition. It was a pleasure to hear their favorable opinion of our wines, which was amply confirmed by the 800 bottles sold during the fair. We found new partners on the German market and received interesting offers from German companies as well as from other countries.


Konstantin Dauschwili and George Zhvania are talking to the visitors at the "Tibaneli" stand Georgian stand

2008 August

Tibaneli in Germany

Tibaneli wines have finally arrived in Germany. This reflects a firm resolve of the company to establish itself in the European market; and the dynamic and versatile German market is certainly the best place to make headway in that direction. However, Georgian wines are short in supply here, which creates certain problems because we are offering the consumer a product he is not quite familiar with. Yet, we can clearly see the place of our wine on the German market and we are convinced that in a number of years we will be able to firmly establish ourselves in Germany as well as in the rest of Europe.