Dry red wine
Region: Kakheti
Variety: 100% Saperavi
Vintage: 2005
Alcohol: 13% vol


The dry red wine Saperavi is made from Saperavi grapes grown in Tibaani area, Signagi District. The grapes are picked in the state of technical ripeness, and put through a crusher/destemmer. The must received in the process goes to a fermenting thermos vessel with an addition of sulfur anhydride and a pure culture of yeast. Alcoholic fermentation is carried out for 7 to 8 days at temperatures of 23 25C; the must is stirred 3 to 4 times a day. When the sugar content in the grape juice comes to 10g/l the juice is drained off the pomace. Free-run juice is used to make a high quality wine. The fermenting raw wine finishes alcoholic fermentation in enamel reservoirs. At the same time we control the malolactic fermentation.The disintegration of malic acid (through bacteria) ends 10 or 12 days after the end of the alcoholic fermentation.
Its fermentation is stopped by the addition of sulfur anhydride and racking (decanting the wine off the lees). 30 days later the wine is decanted for the second time. This raw wine is matured in the course of three years. During the first two years it is decanted once every six months, and in the third year once in 12 months under airless conditions. Saperavi is aged at temperatures of 15C to 20C. After going through all the procedures the wine undergoes gelatin fining, is filtered and bottled. Grape