Planted in 2000
Area: 20 ha.
Number of plants: 62000
Spacing: 2,20 x 1,40 m.
Load on vine: 18 buds
Average yield: 40-45 hl.

Vine Vine

Saperavi is one of the most popular varieties of wine grapes on the territory of the former Soviet Union. In recent years the geography of its distribution has been widening more and more. You can come across it in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Saperavi grapevines make up 100 per cent of Tibaneli vineyard, 50 per cent of which are the variety of Saperavi known as Budeshurisebri (Budeshuri-like) Saperavi with elongated, pointed grapes. Budeshurisebri Saperavi differs from the other varieties by its higher ability to accumulate sugar, a higher productivity, a more intensive coloring and tenderness. It is an excellent material for producing high quality wine.